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I am akb48 hater …

I am an akb hater …
No matter how much I forced myself to love them,
I still refuses to love them.
I don’t know why I hate them so much….

I’m so happy when I heard Maeda atsuko is graduating.
I’m always waiting for that day that she will leave the group.

And here it goes…

When I watch and listen the song dedicated to Acchan…
My heart starts to break …
When I heard the song even if I don’t understand the meaning of the song,
I can feel the emotions that Acchan had,
and also the feeling of other members….
Its so strong ! I feel breaking !

I am too idiot for hating them…
And now I regret it…
because Acchan is graduating.
I don’t know that Acchan graduating in the group would be a way for me to like them :(
And its kinda sad…
I feel ashamed to myself…

I’m sorry Acchan for hating you and for hating akb…
But I promised to support you forever from now on.
Even if there’s only few days left before you graduate,
you manage to grab my heart.

I will support you from now on!
I’m sorry for everything !!! 

Posted on August/19/2012
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    An honest confession from ex-hater of AKB48 I’m so glad for her. Ah! And she’s a Johnny’s Entertainment fangirl too! :D
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    What Show must go on and Kins Ma documentaries on VID48.com..trust me..you’ll might not be a complete fan but you’ll...
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    Even if it became like this, in this way. It’s better than never, isn’t it?
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    you should watch AKB48’s documentary from the Kins Ma Special at vid48.com you’ll get rid of all the hate in your body,...
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